The Foundation at Work


National Database Program

The Foundation maintains a current list of more than 70,000 names and addresses of former CEC officers and Seabees. The data is free of charge for members and Seabee organizations to research on a “sort” basis. The names are not made available for commercial purposes. The database is updated and expanded as names are made available. Those seeking information on specific individuals or lists of names for a particular battalion should contact us by regular or email at the address at the bottom of this page.

Seabee Museum and Seabee Heritage Center Support

The Foundation supports the work of the U. S. Navy Seabee Museum located at the Seabee Base in Port Hueneme, California and the Seabee Heritage Center in Gulfport, Mississippi. Both locations offer a visitor the chance to see the history made by the Seabees and the Civil Engineer Corps. The exhibits at the Heritage Center are provided by the Seabee Museum at Port Hueneme. Owned and operated by the U. S. Navy, the Seabee Museum and the Seabee Heritage Center are open to the public free of charge. However, due to current force protection levels, please call ahead to learn more about base access policy. Both the Museum and the Heritage Center exhibit a priceless collection of artifacts from all of the events in which the Seabees and the CEC have participated.

Museum Store

The Foundation works closely with the Seabee Museum Store which has gift shops located at the Seabee Museum at Port Hueneme, and at the Seabee Heritage Center in Gulfport. The Store also offers an annual catalog of merchandise which is also available on line at our website. All profits are donated to the Foundation to help support its programs.


The Foundation has assisted in several efforts to permanently recognize the sacrifices of the Seabees. One such effort placed a large bronze plaque at the “Our Lady of the Snows” shrine at McMurdo Sound in Antarctica. The shrine was rededicated in memory of CD3 Williams and all others who have given their lives on the ice bound continent of Antarctica.


Members and supporters are kept up to date on Foundation activities and other events in The Seabee Quarterly. The newsletter is published every three months, and also contains items of interest such as Seabee Reunion notices. More than 150 such reunions are held each year.

Foundation Awards

Two awards are presented annually by the CEC/Seabee Historical Foundation. The Rear Admiral Lewis B. Combs Award is presented to the individual who has made the most outstanding contribution in perpetuating the legacy of the Seabees and the Civil Engineer Corps. The Steelworker Second Class Robert D. Stethem Award recognizes outstanding individual moral courage in support of the traditions of the Seabees while in the course of actual operations. These awards keep the spirit alive.

Videos and Historical Publications

The Foundation periodically produces historical works of interest about CEC officers and Seabees. The First 50 Years, a book published in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary Committee, chronicled Seabee accomplishments. Work has also been completed on a one-hour video and  DVD of the Seabees, the U.S. Navy Seabee Story, highlighting the history of the Seabees. This new video further details the story of the Seabees documented in the earlier video, Fifty Years Of Navy Seabees.

Estate Planning

Estate planning information is offered through the Seabee Legacy section of our quarterly newsletter.  It offers information to those interested in providing a lasting gift to the foundation. Further information is also available on our website on our Gift Planning page.

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